Friday, May 13, 2011

Tips On How To Use A Bidet

Gone are the days when bidets were a part of sophisticated homes only. Now a days, in view of variety of designs and choices available in bidets, everyone can afford them.

If you have a newly installed bidet at home and wondering about how to make best use of it, here are a few useful tips for you on how to use a bidet:

Use the toilet first.
Adjust the temperature and jet strengths according to your comfort.
Position yourself over the water jets so that jet hits the right portion.
Use soap if needed to make your cleaning more effective.
Use a blow dry to dry your skin
Rinse out the bidet to clean it off.
Experience the freshness and dry feeling every time you use the restroom.

A bidet is a revolution which has taken personal hygiene to a newer level. You can opt from various models available and can give a chic look to your bathroom. Go and get your bidet today.

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  1. Bidets are easy to use, but there are some people find the idea of having a bidet in their bathroom as a problem. One common concern is what type of bidet to install. Well, for that, you must consider the space of your bathroom. If you have sufficient space to accommodate a toilet and a bidet, you may use the hand held type that would be within easy reach. If you have a small space, your option will be to use a bidet kit to upgrade your existing toilet. It comes with a spray plunger that could be attached under the rim of the toilet. It’s also easy to be use as the controls will be placed on the side of the tank or in the wall near your toilet.

    Darryl Iorio