Monday, June 27, 2011

Why Going For A Non-Electric Bidet Is A Good Choice

Bidets provide you with variety of options to choose from. There is a bidet for everyone depending upon the budget and the personal requirements. If you want to remodel your bathroom and advance your level of hygiene without paying a lot for it, you can just go for a non-electric bidet. Here are a few advantages that you may seek by having a non-electric bidet:

It is much cheaper than its other variants. It provides a quick clean but at an inexpensive price.
It forms a part of green revolution as it does not utilize the electricity and allows you to save on energy. They are thus economical as they help you cut down the electricity bill.

They help you cut on the toilet paper bills. You need not have a hi-tech bidet model to get rid of toilet paper. A basic non-electric bidet will do the job.

It requires very less maintenance as compared to other models. It does not require electricity, is simple to use and you need not worry about things going wrong.

You can enjoy the hot water in the non-electric bidet by connecting it to hot water source. You can thus enjoy hot water without needing to spend money on electricity.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Bidet Seat Can Be A Great Help For Maintaining Hygiene For Kids

These days maintaining good level of personal hygiene is of great importance. Various types of germs and microorganisms can spread the likelihood of disease in lack of proper hygiene. Children are the most vulnerable family members who are prone to these diseases and it is important that they should know the right use of a bidet to maintain a good level of hygiene.

In addition to potty training, it is a great idea to train your child about the proper use of a bidet. They can greatly benefit from the hygienic cleaning offered by bidets. The daily use of bidets can greatly reduce the chances of diseases in children. A bidet is easy to use. It is better to make your child get acquainted to using a gush of warm water for cleaning rather than using the toilet paper that can leave traces of fecal matter.

You would need to repeat the lesson a dozen of times to your kid before they actually learn the proper usage of a bidet. They might consider it as an amusement toy. But with proper learning, this great piece of technology can allow them stay fresh, smell good, and avoid the bacterial infections that may arise due to improper cleaning.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Reasons Why Every Home Needs A Bidet

These days bidets are becoming hot choice of every home owner. It is one of the single most improvement one can make in the home. Not only it provides the experience of perfect cleaning but it is a great option of home remodeling. There are many reasons why everyone needs to have a bidet seat:

A bidet seat will help you feel clean all day and you need not worry about incomplete cleaning or the use of disgusting toilet paper.
When you are constipated, you can switch on the enema mode and can feel comforted and at ease.
If you have hemorrhoids, you are going to love the warm gentle spray of a bidet seat.
For females, it will provide refreshing and clean feeling during the periods.
You can say good-bye to the annoying cold toilet seat.
You get rid of the loud nose from closing the toilet seat.
The elderly, aged, and disabled at every home can feel comfortable with the use of a bidet toilet seat.

You can seek a bidet seat depending upon your requirements. There is a bidet seat for everyone. Go ahead and join the bidet revolution today!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Advantages of A Hand held bidet

When it comes to bidet, most of the people think about an attachment to the toilet seat. But these days, hand held bidets have come to the market as another great option for potential bidet users. There are various advantages of hand held bidets, some of them are as listed below:

They offer better control than toilet attachment bidets as they can be maneuvered the way you want. They thus offer a better wash.
They are a great tool for effective bathroom cleaning. You can adjust to highest pressure to seek perfect cleaning.
They are very convenient to use.
You need not worry about being stuck in one place. You can move in around and clean the way you want.

You can choose to have a bidet by your side depending upon your requirements. Choose the model and type that suits best to your needs and can provide you maximum benefit.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Common Myths About Bidets Unleashed

Do you constantly worry about your family’s health and want to seek a solution to take personal hygiene to a new level. Do you suffer from frequent UTIs or hemorrhoids and wished you could have something that could ease your discomfort away? If yes, buying a bidet can help ease off your problems.

If you are wondering about various myths related to bidets, here is a piece of information to throw light on them:

Bidets are expensive: It is not true. Bidets are designed to suit the needs of various homes. Anyone can afford it. You can choose from basic models to most hi-tech ones.

Water coming out of the bidet is cold: There are various models that offer hot water and you can choose according to your needs.

Can bidets abandon toilet paper? Yes, bidets can help completely abandon the 1000s of dollars spent yearly on toilet paper. The job of the bidet is to provide absolute cleanliness that a toilet paper can never provide.

A bidet is a valuable addition to the bathroom. The refreshing clean look provided by bidet is unmatched as compared to toilet paper.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Things To Know Before You Install A Bidet

Are you thinking about revamping your toilet by installing a bidet? Do you wonder which things should be taken care of while installing a bidet will look in your washroom? If yes, here are a few things that will help you out:

Proper measurement of the space: If you wish to install a bidet seat in addition to your existing toilet, it is important that you make correct measurements. Any variations can lead to future disappointments.
Connection to electricity: If you are going to electric models, ensure that you provide provisions for easy access to electricity supply to draw maximum benefit.
Figure out if you would like to have a stand-alone model or an addition bidet seat to your existing toilet. Stand alone models offer luxurious feel and are a little expensive.
It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instruction carefully when installing.

A bidet can work as a great aid to maintain personal hygiene. Available in a variety of designs, you can make the best out of them if properly installed.

Use a Bidet – For Perfect Health Surroundings

Bidets these days are considered very beneficial for whole family. Despite providing numerous benefits to old and disabled, bidets are a perfect solution to prevention of many diseases. They are a great tool for maintaining clean surroundings. Every time you use the bidet, you need not worry about remnants of fecal material as nothing cleanses better than a gush of warm water followed by blowing dry by air.

Bidets provide refreshing surroundings to your washroom. You can opt to have a look at variety of bidets available and choose the one which fits your requirements. Ranging from highly sophisticated electric bidet, you can choose from the basic non-electric models as well. You can certainly enjoy the amenities of a bidet seat within your budget.

Due to their aesthetic appeal, people install them to lend their washrooms a chic look. If you would like to have a cleaner and fresher feel every time you use your washroom, bidet is the right option for you. They are a great tool to keep your bathroom neat and clean. Try it once and you will become a fan!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Benefits of Bidets for Obese people

In the modern times, bidets are no longer limited to hi-tech homes. Given their variety of designs and budget-friendly options, a lot of people are replacing them with the use of toilet paper. They are specifically useful for disabled, elderly, and obese people.

Many of obese people find it difficult to reach their back to clean themselves every time they use the washroom. Many a times, they need somebody’s help to clean themselves. Due to their limited motion, they are not able to wipe themselves well. For all those people who are obese and cannot independently wipe themselves, bidets are a great solution.

Having a bidet on their side, obese people will not need anybody else to do the job for them. They just need to reach their side and turn on the bidet and the bidet will take care of their cleansing. With the variety of benefits, bidets are no less than a boon to obese people.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bidets For Elderly And Disabled

Bidet is no less than a blessing for elderly. Since most of our elders have trouble wiping themselves with toilet paper, they find water cleansing techniques of bidets greatly helpful. They do not even need to move. Just by pressing a button, they can have a gush of warm water to do effective cleansing. Using a bidet makes the life of elderly easier as they do not have to move around much.

For disabled people, who cannot move all parts of their body and find it hard to wipe, bidets can work great. By having a bidet on their side, they need not have a friend or a family member help them wipe. They can simply sit down and the bidet will do all the work for them. Just a push of button is enough for attain a perfect cleaning.

Those who have elderly and disabled people in the family should have bidets installed. This will not only instill the elderly and disabled people with sense of independence but the ease of usage will provide them with variety of health benefits.