Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Basic Bidets – Redefining Standards of Hygiene and Comfort

Hygiene is something that should be as much a part of our life as eating food or sleeping is. And when hygiene comes with comfort, it makes life so easy. Redefining the standards of hygiene and comforts are Bidet with thei ideal solutions to hygienically clean when in washroom. Many people are happy cleaning their backside with toilet paper when using rest room. Little do they realize that toilet paper cannot completely cleanse and sanitize the delicate area, which leaves it prone to bacterial attacks. Bidet NY offers high pressure cleaning using water jet shot through a high pressure nozzle.

Among the many types of bidets on offer is the most basic ceramic Basin Type Bidet that is fitted alongside toilet. When used on the toilet seat, the water gushes upwards to wash you. The company also offers plastic made Simple Bidet Seat attachments that are designed to be fixed on the existing toilet. These efficient attachments don’t take much space too. Among the most advanced ones from Bidet NY are Electronic Bidet NY seat attachments that operate on electricity. With interesting features like retractable telescopic wash nozzles, warm and cold water washing, warm air dry, seat heating systems, adjustable washing positions etc, these electronic seat arrangements have actually made hygiene so easy to get.

For those professionals who are always on move, there is Portable bidet too. These easy to carry portable bidet can fit easily in your luggage without taking much space. Carry them with you where ever you go to ensure that your hygienic cleansing after using the washroom is never compromised. From warm water supply to comfortable seat, these portable bidets have almost all the features. They are also a blessing for couples with young children. Now, offer your kids protection from hemorrhoids problems, infections and itching with them.

In fact the benefits of bidet NY are such that once you use it, you will not like to use toilet paper again. Check out the latest models of Portable bidet along with detailed instructions of installations at http://www.basicbidet.com/

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Why Opt For an Electronic Bidet at Home

Since ages, Americans have been using toilet paper to clean their bums after using restroom. Little do they realise that wiping with toilet paper is not enough to clean and sanitise our private areas to keep it infection free. Water alone can make this possible as shown by people in Europe and Asia who have been using water to clean themselves for centuries. It’s time to replace tissue papers with bidets to maintain the high level of hygiene and comfort.

With electronic bidets available in the market, you can ensure complete and hygienic cleaning and that too completely hands free. High on comfort and convenience, these bidets now offer easy press-button operation.

These electronic bidets are designed with many useful multiple features that ensure effective cleaning while making the whole process as comfortable as possible. Now, those chilling winters will not be too hard on your bumps as these bidets can be attached with hot water source as well. With features such as warm air drying and toilet seat heating system, the whole experience of using bidets can be made very relaxing and completely toilet paper free. Designed to offer maximum comfort to the user, these electronic bidets allow you to control and direct the flow of water as per your convenience. Different patterns of spray are available with these bidets that make it possible for you to vary the pressure level to relax genitalia by massaging it.

If you happen to suffer frequent from urinary tract infections, rashes, and hemorrhoids, then regular use of bidets can provides a great deal of relief. It is also ideal for disabled and elder people who cannot wash themselves. Now, even they can ensure better standards of hygiene without depending on others. Opting for an electronic bidet is a smart move that will go a long way in keeping you clean and away from all those itchy infections and rashes.

Basic Bidet, a leading bidet shop, offers a wide range of high quality, electronic bidets for enhance personal hygiene to everyone including children, senior citizens, and people with physical handicap. For more information about the different types of bidets available, please logon to their website at http://www.basicbidet.com

Thursday, August 25, 2011

What Makes Bidets Better Than Toilet Tissues

Believe it or not but toilet paper is among the leading reasons that leads to cutting down of millions of trees every year! So, although you may be environmentally conscious with solar lights installed in your home and no plastic bags sticker on your refrigerator, yet if you believe that toilet paper is better than bidets then you still have a long way to go. Toilet rolls are not only damaging our green planet but they are also much less hygienic than water.

Bidet have been used in Europe and rest of the world where people realise that water is a better cleaning agent than paper. Water thoroughly cleanses the private area, which helps to reduce the chances of bacteria to germinate. This, in turn eliminates the risk of infection. Dry toilet paper can’t clean the delicate surfaces effectively as it leave traces of filth on your back side.

The earlier models of bidets were used as separate fixtures next to the toilet seats. However, now they can be attached to the existing toilet too. Depending on your bathroom d├ęcor, you can opt for a wide range of designs and extra luxuries. For cold areas, an electric bidet is the right option as it provides warm water for better cleaning and comfort. This feature is also available with certain models of non-electric bidets that allow switching between two water sources.

Heated seats, pulsating streams, temperature adjustment for washing stream and integrated dryer options make these bidets high on features, giving the user much needed comfort and hygiene.

We have always recognised water as the best agent for cleaning. Then when it comes to cleaning one of the most sensitive parts of the body, why do we opt for rough and abrasive tissue paper? Fresh running water from bidets soothes and gently removes germs and bacteria from your posterior. Opt for bidets and live a healthy life

www.basicbidet.com is a great place to find a wide variety of bidet at one place. No matter what your requirement or budget is, you are sure to find just the right bidet to suit all your needs. To find the wide variety of latest and affordable bidets, logon to www.basicbidet.com

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Get Superior Personal Hygiene With Electronic Bidets

With increased awareness, people are awakening to the need of maintaining better hygiene in their life. However, there is one aspect that most of them seem to overlook when it comes to keeping one’s body clean and infection free. We are talking about the use of tissue paper to clean private areas after using the bathroom. Even today, many people are unaware that a mere toilet paper just isn’t sufficient to clean the delicate surfaces effectively. Only water can do this job effectively. This can be easily done using electronic bidets available widely in the market.

With bidets you get proper cleansing that toilet paper can never provide. Bidets are high on features products that can easily be operated by just pressing a button. Get amazing cleaning through electronic bidets and completely do away with the expense of toilet paper for ever.

These electric bidets comes with temperature control system that allow you to select warm and cold water washing in different seasons. High end features such as toilet seat heating system and warm air drying system comes very handy in cold places. Electronic bidets also allow user to control the pressure and direction of water ensuring proper cleaning of the area. This can also be used to massage the anal region with different spray patterns and pressure levels to help alleviate any pain from that area. For people suffering from urinary tract infections, hemorrhoids, diarrhea, rashes and other kind of infections, these bidets are no less than a blessing. They are also useful for mothers with infants and for elderly people with problems like arthritis and constipation.

You can choose from a wide selection of electronic bidets seats available at www.basicbidet.com as per your requirements, lifestyle and budget. Get comfort and healthy lifestyle with these Electronic bidets. However, only when you actually use these amazing products can you feel the difference it will bring in your daily life. Get superior personal hygiene, which is the first step to looking confident and beautiful.

To have in-depth knowledge about latest models of electronic bidets or electric bidets, along with detailed instructions of installations at logon to: www.basicbidet.com.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Clearing Myths Surrounding the use of Bidets

For those who have been using toilet paper for generations, the very thought of using water to do the cleaning job may sound unhygienic and appalling. For them nothing can be more hygienic and comfortable than a soft roll of tissue paper. They seem to forget that most of our everyday body cleansing is done with water. Bidet is definitely a more natural way of cleaning and hygienic too. For those who still feel bidets are of no actual use, this article will help you clear many myths surrounding the use of bidet.

1st Myth- It will discharge the water up into the bottoms - Not true as bidets have been specifically designed to spray the water on the outer surface of the butt. It also allows the user to control the speed of flow of water as per one’s own comfort level.

2nd Myth - It will cause large amounts of water to be wasted - Studies have shown that the average time for which people wash their butts with the help of a bidet is around fifteen seconds. This time is much less than what people take to clean their hands. Thus, the quantity of water used during by bidets is too less for wastage.

3rd Myth- Saving of toilet paper will be negated by the water wasted through the usage of bidets – To get the facts straight, the manufacturing of a single roll of toilet paper requires many gallons of water. You can save this water by using bidets and do your bid for the environment too.

4th Myth-A bidet May not fit in their bathrooms - A wide range of bidets available in the market takes care of this very well. You can even choose between a hand operated bidet and an electronic bidet as per your budget and convenience.

If you are planning to install a bidet now to have a more hygienic cleaning experience, check out www.basicbidet.com. Here you will find a wide variety of bidets. at a very reasonable price. Method of installation has also been explained on the site itself with the help of a video. To find the bidet that fits well into your budget and fulfills all your requirements, logon to www.basicbidet.com