Thursday, May 5, 2011

Different Types Of Bidets

Bidet has become popular all over the world and now a days are used in almost every toilet. With people getting increasingly cautious about personal hygiene and self-care, bidets are rapidly replacing traditional toilet seats.

If you wish to be a part of bidet revolution and want to know about the options, here are the major types of bidets available in the market to choose from:

• Non-electric bidet: It does not require any electricity or battery for its operation. You can choose to adjust the water stream according to your requirements.
• Basic electric model: This model comes with nozzle system and you can opt to choose from the electricity-saving models. They have built in filter and you can opt to have warm air dry features coupled with massaging options. A quick and effective way of cleaning.
• USPA bidets: It is amongst the modernized models that come with quality aesthetics. They come with remote operation and are very useful for patients with constipation and hemorrhoids.
• Travel Bidets: These are the compact models that have the ease of carrying and can be used in conjunction with public restrooms to prevent urinary tract infections. They come with soft push button and warm washing facilities.

You can choose to opt from variety of models and facilities. Before buying a bidet, it is necessary to do needful research and have a clear understanding of your requirements.

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