Friday, May 20, 2011

Benefits Of Bidets For The Elderly

Do you wonder what a bidet is? It is a low mounted sink that is helps you clean yourself properly by making use of water every time you use the restroom. It is of great help for maintaining a hygiene as it vastly reduces the chances of contamination due to hands-free operation.

Bidet successfully replaces the toilet paper which enables you to save your hard-earned dollars spent on year round supply of toilet paper. It is a blessing for elderly and disabled. If you wish to seek bidet to help the elderly or disabled in your house, here is a piece of information for you:

Elderly people with mobility problems and physical challenges like arthritis tend of benefit a lot from them.
For those who are prone to bladder and vaginal infections can have a sigh of relief because bidet reduces the probability of occurrence of infections.
Elderly can maintain their hygiene independently without the help of caregivers.
Water cleaning acts as a relaxing agent for the elderly people.
Those with physical challenges or disabled can regain their self-confidence once they gain the ability to clean themselves well without seeking help from anyone.

Bidets offer multitude of other benefits which include enema wash that relieves patients of constipation and hemorrhoids. For disabled bidets can provide a great tool for self-care.

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