Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bidet: Hygienic Solution For Your Family

For many families, the bidet has been number one when it comes to keeping good hygiene standards in the lavatory. Bidets are quite similar to the toilets, with the added advantage of possessing a separate water source. This water source is strategically directed to render effectual washing following the use of the toilet. The bidet is a fantastic device for personal hygiene for the complete family.
Some of the typical features include in bidets are heated seats, inbuilt air dryer, heated water access and even remote controls. Constant use of a bidet can help in rendering a spectacular increment in improved hygiene, and a stunning decrease in the spread of common contaminants occurring with normal bathroom use. It has been validated that utilizing the bidet is more hygienic than just plain toilet paper can ever be. Water cleansing is a must, especially for hemorrhoid sufferers, and the bidet renders the solution for optimal cleaning as well as physical relief and ease.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

All You Want To Know About USPA Bidet

Bidets are replacing use of toilet paper in a traditional toilet at a very fast pace. The best thing about the bidets is that they come in a variety of designs to opt from. Depending upon your requirements, you can opt from the basic non-electric bidet to USPA bidet.

USPA bidets are becoming popular amongst the families who are looking for a perfect combination of hygiene and comfort. It comes loaded with convenient features and provides complete comfort to the family. A USPA bidet has following main features:

Remote control operation for convenience
Powerful deodorizer and carbon filter
Safety sensors
Massage cleaning
Extra protection on electronic parts
Hydraulic seat and cover
Auto Smart power saving
Gentle stream of aerated water

A USPA bidet provides you and your family with complete comfort along with maximum hygiene. The easy-to-use features make it best suitable for elderly and children.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Features Of A Spaloo Bidet

Most of us know that toilet paper is not the cleanliest thing to wipe ourselves. Reason why bidets are becoming increasingly popular as they provide a level of hygiene that toilet paper cannot provide. Spaloo bidet is one of the bidet toilet seats that provide water for cleaning and air for drying.

If you are planning to install a bidet in your washroom, Spaloo can be a great option. It comes with following features:

Rear and bidet cleansing.
Continuous warm water on demand.
Adjustable temperature and water pressure
Adjustable temperature air dryer.
Anti-slam seat.
Energy saver mode
Settings for children
Massage and pulse wash

Spaloo bidet seat is a great aid in taking your family’s personal hygiene to a new level. It comes with a variety of features that make it apt for being used by elderly, disabled, and children.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Reasons Behind The Growing Popularity Of Bidet Toilet Seats

Bidets are becoming world famous for the better washing hygiene they offer. Bidets toilet seats offer a variety of health benefits besides looking great.

There are many reasons to account for the growing popularity and wide acceptance of bidet toilet seats. Some of them are:

They are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
They can be installed with minimal changes in the washroom.
They can fit into almost every toilet including one piece toilets with a French curve.
They help you banish the irritating toilet paper.
They are an eco-friendly option and your small step towards conservation of environment by abandoning the use of toilet paper.
They are made up of best material providing you best value for your money.

Everyone can have a cleaner and healthier lifestyle by using a bidet toilet seat. Stop wasting money on toilet paper and invest in a bidet.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Benefits Of Bidets For The Elderly

Do you wonder what a bidet is? It is a low mounted sink that is helps you clean yourself properly by making use of water every time you use the restroom. It is of great help for maintaining a hygiene as it vastly reduces the chances of contamination due to hands-free operation.

Bidet successfully replaces the toilet paper which enables you to save your hard-earned dollars spent on year round supply of toilet paper. It is a blessing for elderly and disabled. If you wish to seek bidet to help the elderly or disabled in your house, here is a piece of information for you:

Elderly people with mobility problems and physical challenges like arthritis tend of benefit a lot from them.
For those who are prone to bladder and vaginal infections can have a sigh of relief because bidet reduces the probability of occurrence of infections.
Elderly can maintain their hygiene independently without the help of caregivers.
Water cleaning acts as a relaxing agent for the elderly people.
Those with physical challenges or disabled can regain their self-confidence once they gain the ability to clean themselves well without seeking help from anyone.

Bidets offer multitude of other benefits which include enema wash that relieves patients of constipation and hemorrhoids. For disabled bidets can provide a great tool for self-care.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tips On Choosing The Right Bidet Provider

Are you wondering about revamping your bathroom? Do you wish to make changes that will take your hygiene to a new level? If yes, you can think about installing a bidet.

Bidets are quickly becoming a must-have item in the bathrooms. But one should make a choice depending upon the personal requirements and the budget. Choosing the right provider is of great importance. Here is a check list to find the right one:

Reputation – Make sure that the seller enjoys a good reputation in the market. This will ensure that you will have the right product by your side.
Quality of product – Ensure that the manufacturer provides guarantee on the product.
Service – Be proactive in choosing a provider that is happy to answer your queries and address your needs as and when needed.

Once you choose the right provider will help you have the right bidet model by your side.

How Opting For Bidet Toilet Seat Is A Wise Choice

In view of increasing awareness about the personal hygiene, bidet toilet seats are getting increasingly popular. They provide a perfect solution to maintain a better hygiene than wiping off with toilet paper. There are many reasons as to why you should have a bidet toilet seat in your washroom:

It is an all-round better choice than cleaning up with toilet paper.
It is a pocket-friendly option and saves the huge amount of money spent otherwise on toilet paper.
You can screw it into existing toilet seat without the need of any replacement.
It is fast, quick, and easy to install.
The water stream is more refreshing to clean and does not leave any residues as compared to wiping off with toilet paper.
It is an environment friendly option.

If you wish to opt for a solution to maintain your hygiene in an economical, safer, and comfortable way, opting for a bidet toilet seat is the right move.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Benefits of Electronic bidets

If you have a health conscious state of mind, cleaning yourself with toilet paper might not be enough after you use the restroom. With the introduction of bidets, you can take your personal hygiene to a new level. Electronic bidets are the new addition to the bidet revolution that comes with incredible features.

Here are a few advantages of owing an electronic bidet:

You can enjoy toilet seat heating system to get rid of cold toilet seat in winter mornings.
Warm air drying acts as a soothing factor in relieving hemorrhoids and constipation.
Controlling of pressure and direction of water aids in effective cleaning.
Different spray patterns and pressure levels alleviate pain in case of post-surgical course.
These bidets are extremely helpful for those suffering from rashes and other kinds of infections.
They provide independence in maintaining personal hygiene in case of elderly and disabled people.

You can select the electric bidet according to your requirements and budgets to have an addition to your comfortable and healthy lifestyle.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Travel Bidet – Maintain Hygiene Even When Your Are On-The-Go

Bidets have brought revolution in the level of personal hygiene. They come in various designs and models and the best thing about them is that now everybody can afford to buy a bidet. Travel bidet is another important element of bidet revolution. Now you can take care of your personal hygiene even when you are on-the-go.

A travel bidet has following advantages:

You get rid of chances of urinary tract infection that may occur by making use of public toilets.
It makes cleaning convenient and effective even when you are on the go.
It is specifically useful for female hygiene.
It is compact and light weight you so can carry it wherever you go.
It is an innovative and affordable solution to your hygiene needs.

Travel bidet eliminates the needs of irritating toilet paper which is harsh on your skin. Now you can relax your muscles and have an effective cleaning even when you are away from your home.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Tips On How To Use A Bidet

Gone are the days when bidets were a part of sophisticated homes only. Now a days, in view of variety of designs and choices available in bidets, everyone can afford them.

If you have a newly installed bidet at home and wondering about how to make best use of it, here are a few useful tips for you on how to use a bidet:

Use the toilet first.
Adjust the temperature and jet strengths according to your comfort.
Position yourself over the water jets so that jet hits the right portion.
Use soap if needed to make your cleaning more effective.
Use a blow dry to dry your skin
Rinse out the bidet to clean it off.
Experience the freshness and dry feeling every time you use the restroom.

A bidet is a revolution which has taken personal hygiene to a newer level. You can opt from various models available and can give a chic look to your bathroom. Go and get your bidet today.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bidet And Its Usage For Female Hygiene

Bidet is a perfect idea for home improvement. It is far better than the traditional toilet paper use. The warm and gentle supply of water with a relaxing breeze is best to eliminate all kinds of infections. A bidet is a special aide to female hygiene and is exceptionally useful for female because of following reasons:

It provides complete cleaning effect of different types of vaginal discharges. By eliminating the sticky and offensive smelling discharge, it eliminates the chances of vaginitis.
It is a perfect way to maintain hygiene in pregnancy and postpartum days. It will keep you fresh, odor free and will ease off those painful moments which a woman experiences right after the birth of a baby.
It vastly reduces the risks of chronic urinary tract infections. The bacterial and yeast contaminations can be kept at bay and hence the occurrence of diseases like cystitis and urethritis can be reduced to a vast extent.

Using a bidet daily can keep various types of ailments away. Reason why it has today become the hygiene necessity of every home.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Health Benefits Of Using A Bidet

Bidet is an important aid to personal hygiene. It leaves you much cleaner and can reduce related illnesses to a great extent. There are various health benefits of using a bidet, some of them are as follows:

Lack of manual dexterity and coordination makes it perfect to be used by disabled and elderly.
With its hands-free operation, the chances of fecal contamination are eliminated.
In care of hemorrhoids which get irritated by rubbing of any kind, bidet provides soothing effect, relief, and complete cleaning.
It is an absolutely invaluable aide for postpartum care.
The rashes and irritation caused by toilet paper no longer persist when a bidet is brought into use.
Gentle rectal stimulation of the water relieves constipation.

Because of its numerous health benefits, bidets are gaining popularity all across the globe. Now a days, in view of increasing awareness about personal hygiene, bidets have become the hot choice of everyone.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Things To Know Before Buying A Bidet

Are you fed up with changing the toilet rolls and the constant irritation that is caused after wiping with toilet paper? Do you wish you could have a better way of cleaning yourself? If yes, going for a Bidet is the right option for you. It offers you a complete cleaning experience coupled with the freedom from the use of toilet paper.

If you are thinking to reinvent your bathroom, bidet can work great for you. But before you make a purchase, here are a few things to consider:

Shape of your toilet-Make a purchase from the wide range of models available depending upon the shape of your toilet seat.
Size of your toilet-Do consider the right size of bidet that may fit well with your toilet seat.
Ability to spend-Keeping in mind your budget, you can make the best choice. You can choose from the basic models to the most hi-tech ones.

With the above tips in mind, you can make the most by addition of bidet in your washroom.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Tips For Drawing Maximum Benefit From A Bidet

Bidets are becoming increasingly popular today. In view of the level of hygiene they offer, they are a class apart from the traditional toilet seats. Nothing can help clean yourself better than using a bidet. If you are thinking about purchasing a bidet or you are an existing user, here are a few tips to draw maximum benefit from the bidets:

• Make sure that your bidet has been installed properly. To draw maximum advantage and to save on the leakage, it is important that a bidet be installed in right manner according to instructions mentioned in manual.
• You get a facility to adjust water pressure according to your preferences. You can start from a low pressure and move on to high to have absolute cleaning.
• You can adjust the water temperature based on your necessity. Select a comfortable temperature which is not too hot and not too cold.
• In order to ensure perfect cleaning after using restroom, you should find the correct angle for water stream. You can find one by moving around and adjusting accordingly.

Bidet gives you a great experience of cleansing and promises a higher level of hygiene than using a toilet paper. With the above tips in mind, you would be able to make most of your bidet.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Different Types Of Bidets

Bidet has become popular all over the world and now a days are used in almost every toilet. With people getting increasingly cautious about personal hygiene and self-care, bidets are rapidly replacing traditional toilet seats.

If you wish to be a part of bidet revolution and want to know about the options, here are the major types of bidets available in the market to choose from:

• Non-electric bidet: It does not require any electricity or battery for its operation. You can choose to adjust the water stream according to your requirements.
• Basic electric model: This model comes with nozzle system and you can opt to choose from the electricity-saving models. They have built in filter and you can opt to have warm air dry features coupled with massaging options. A quick and effective way of cleaning.
• USPA bidets: It is amongst the modernized models that come with quality aesthetics. They come with remote operation and are very useful for patients with constipation and hemorrhoids.
• Travel Bidets: These are the compact models that have the ease of carrying and can be used in conjunction with public restrooms to prevent urinary tract infections. They come with soft push button and warm washing facilities.

You can choose to opt from variety of models and facilities. Before buying a bidet, it is necessary to do needful research and have a clear understanding of your requirements.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bidet For Better Hygiene

A bidet is now a days a popular addition and part of modern bathrooms. Not only it lends a chic look to your bathroom but it promises to give you a higher level of hygiene. More and more people are replacing the use of traditional toilet with modern bidets. Here are a few things you should know about bidet:

They can be combined with your old toilet seat. You can choose from the various sizes and designs available.
By using a bidet, you would be able to completely abandon toilet paper. It gives you a much cleaner feeling without any irritation caused by tissue paper.
By having a bidet, you can enjoy cozy toilet seats on winter mornings.
They help spread of urinary tract infections and are very useful for people with hemorrhoids, anal surgeries, and bacterial infections.
It adds a chic touch to your bathroom furnishings.

Buying a bidet is a smart choice. You can save on the hundreds of hard-earned dollars spent otherwise on buying toilet paper rolls. Invest in a bidet for a better hygiene.