Sunday, November 21, 2010

Why Switching To Bidets is a Smart Move

Let's face it that being glamorous and sexy goes beyond wearing designer labels or having an accent. Nothing is a bigger put off than poorly maintained hygiene especially a smelly hide side. Confidence that comes from being sure of 100% makes even a plain Jane and a modest Joe, striking. We Americans have just begun to understand what Europeans have always known…secret of being hot is not the looks, its bidet.

It’s impossible to match the level of cleanliness you achieve with a bidet by using just a toilet paper. Can you imagine wiping your body with dry toilet paper instead of bathing? Or wiping your hands with toilet paper before a meal? Just look around and you will see that so many food poisoning cases in America are a result of faecal bacteria contamination. Almost a third of men and women neglect to wash their hands after using a washroom. Using a bidet helps reduce the spread of germs because cleaning is completely hands free.

Toilet papers can cause irritation around anus and rectum especially if you suffer from Haemorrhoids. Colour, scent and softness of toilet papers come from excessive use of chemicals. Why subject your behind to irritants like bleaching agents and perfumes when bidets offer better cleaning option?

With global warming becoming a reality, environmental concern are growing world over. According to Scientific American, 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper are used by Americans alone each year. If this figure does not ring a bell then let me explain that it comes from cutting 15 million trees. Also add gas and other resources which go into manufacturing the paper and then transporting it to stores, and your house. Toilet papers are an environmental disaster. Water is not only a natural and effective cleanser but extremely eco friendly as well. If you are concerned about reducing your carbon footprints, switching to bidet is imperative.

Lastly, we ride elevators, cook in microwave ovens, use mobile phones and computers but when it comes to personal hygiene we are just two steps ahead of our ancestors who used leaves and bark to clean them. Don’t you think it’s high time we try bidets to graduate to the next level of personal hygiene?

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