Sunday, November 21, 2010

Why Bidet is Essential For Complete Female Hygiene

People all over the world use water to clean themselves after evacuating. It is not only more hygienic, efficient but better for the environment as well. Bidet make the whole process of cleaning one’s hind side convenient and hands free. Once you start using a bidet you would wonder how you managed without it before! While it is useful for everyone, for women it is especially valuable. It helps them to deal with various ailments and medical conditions and takes their personal hygiene to a new level.

It is quite normal for women to have mucous secretion from the walls of the vagina and neck of the cervix in their reproductive years. This secretion varies according to menstrual cycle and increases with the use of birth control pills and during pregnancy and sexual stimulation..

However, if proper hygiene is not maintained, infections like Vaginitis or Fungus: Candida Albicans can occur which causes a thick white discharge. Another sign of infection is excessive, offensive smelling, yellow or green discharge with itching. Regular use of bidet will not only keep infections at bay but also dramatically reduce discomfort and risk of offensive odours.

Pregnancy, a virtual hormonal roller coaster, brings a lot of changes in a woman’s bodily functions followed by childbirth which is as painful as it is elating. If Episiotomy is involved in delivery then new mother has to go through a painful healing process and risk of anal or vaginal infection. Use of bidet not only provides intimate cleaning for odour free, fresh feeling but also soothes her various perineal afflictions during recovery period.

Many doctors hold the proximity of Urinary Meatus (the opening from where urine leaves the vagina) and the anus responsible for urinary tract infection in women. Since faeces are the main source of bacterial infection in urinary tract of women, thorough and non-irritating cleansing by bidet is vital for the health of women. Therapeutic benefits of bidet for rectum, perineum, fabina and urethra are matchless. Regular use of bidet after the use of toilet is enough to eliminate urinary tract infections.

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