Sunday, August 28, 2011

Why Opt For an Electronic Bidet at Home

Since ages, Americans have been using toilet paper to clean their bums after using restroom. Little do they realise that wiping with toilet paper is not enough to clean and sanitise our private areas to keep it infection free. Water alone can make this possible as shown by people in Europe and Asia who have been using water to clean themselves for centuries. It’s time to replace tissue papers with bidets to maintain the high level of hygiene and comfort.

With electronic bidets available in the market, you can ensure complete and hygienic cleaning and that too completely hands free. High on comfort and convenience, these bidets now offer easy press-button operation.

These electronic bidets are designed with many useful multiple features that ensure effective cleaning while making the whole process as comfortable as possible. Now, those chilling winters will not be too hard on your bumps as these bidets can be attached with hot water source as well. With features such as warm air drying and toilet seat heating system, the whole experience of using bidets can be made very relaxing and completely toilet paper free. Designed to offer maximum comfort to the user, these electronic bidets allow you to control and direct the flow of water as per your convenience. Different patterns of spray are available with these bidets that make it possible for you to vary the pressure level to relax genitalia by massaging it.

If you happen to suffer frequent from urinary tract infections, rashes, and hemorrhoids, then regular use of bidets can provides a great deal of relief. It is also ideal for disabled and elder people who cannot wash themselves. Now, even they can ensure better standards of hygiene without depending on others. Opting for an electronic bidet is a smart move that will go a long way in keeping you clean and away from all those itchy infections and rashes.

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